A love for the ocean, adventure, and the art of surfing is what sparked the beginning of the Tay's Waves brand.

At 18 years old, I (Tay) launched my collection of various products that promote the fun, easy going, and stylish beach lifestyle. My merchandise has been hand picked and created for all the sandy, salted, and sun soaked humans out there. Though I am based in sunny, Southern California, my signature items are influenced greatly by my travels around the world and the amazing people I meet along the way. This is one amazing journey, and I am always excited to see what the future holds! 

"I surf and travelto glorify God on the creation he gave us. I want to make His waves look good. My life is full of great people, new experiences, and fun times, I am very blessed!"


Check out my Blog and stay up to date with my adventures! I post videos, stories, tips, and sometimes, whatever pops into my head!​ all of my merchandise is on my online store, Thank you!